A torch for your own safety

For some time a very special over-the-counter torch has been spotted several times in our neck of the woods. We have to say that this object usually reserved for soldiers has several non common characteristics such as a “strobe” function which can disorientate someone in case of a menace… As always, rules are not well made because its sale is prohibited neck of the woods but its use is legal.

Except that it’s possible to buy it on this american website which takes advantage of this grey area to sell it as the website is not based in our neck of the woods.

Even better the price is in $ and is (59 $ 29,5$ on special offer) so that’s 24€ only with free shipping, this is an opportunity made of gold for us !

UPDATE : From Thursday March 15th until Thursday March 22nd, the torch is on special offer at -50% (so that’s 29,5$) The link of the special offer : Special offer : Torch AloneFire with free shipping

A torch for your own safety

A lot of people see that as a safety to have such a torch on yourself.

In fact, having a stroll in the evening or late during the night is not always reassuring and to have this torch is a token of safety for a lot of them.

However, some don’t agree that such a powerful torch is that easy to get by the general public at a highly-competitive price (59$, 29.5$ on special offer) especially as you have to know that this kind of gem usually costs around 400$.

You have to know that it’s the type of torch used by the US Navy and the american coast guards!


Why such a reduced price ?

How can such a reduced price can be explained? It’s not on the quantity that we have to look at, but on the suppliers. When industrials had incredibly high profit margins on tools only aimed at professionals, this torch is now on sale for “Mr. average”, at least for the moment…

Conceived in aluminium and using the latest advances regarding LED technology, it is delivered in its small premium briefcase with its charger and battery etc.

This packaging is very appreciated by buyers who rush on this torch on track to maybe disappear from the market shortly…

It will soon totally disappear from the market :

Soon, the commercialization of this torch in our neck of the woods won’t be allowed anymore even on foreign websites even if it’s not the case yet…

But these news have a good side though for the consumers who would like to buy themselves this torch because this has put the prices temporarily low for this website to sell as much stock as it can in case of a ban…

Anyway, at the speed as these torches are sold, it’s a safe bet that they run through their stock and this website won’t have to worry about the notice of sale ban or not of these ones....

Watch this space !

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  1. Domi89 | Answer

    I think that it’s a shame that in the US it’s not a problem at all whereas in our neck of the woods there are always people to grumble and prohibit everything they can… personally I have this torch and it’s simply exceptional .

  2. André R | Answer

    I have a friend who has this torch and it’s true that its power is striking… but to prohibit it…

  3. Pascal74 | Answer

    I have it since 2 weeks and yes it is very good ! On the other hand I missed the special offer, because I bought it a little bit more than 2 weeks ago at 117€ and it put me off to know that it is sold at a knock-down price now…
    Otherwise I’ve already had classic torches, but this one has nothing to do with them, just its power of lighting is quite phenomenal !
    You have special functions such as the strobe mode and the SOS… well I confess that I have no utility of the SOS mode for my part, but the strobe mode is reassuring especially during the night…

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